Fascia and soffit repairs

High winds, snow and ice, animals – major cause of soffit and fascia, downspouts damage. Aluminum fascia boards at roof gables  and downspouts are often picked by strong winds and soffit panels are lifted or damaged by squirrels, birds and racoons trying to find a comfortable living in the roof attic.

fascia repair
Aluminum fascia damaged by wind repair in Mississauga

Here comes help – Maxima Aluminum LTD is proud to be a good standing,  high standards company that provides customers with quality products and professional workmanship when it comes to fascia and soffit repairs, gutters and eavestrough, downspout and siding installations and repairs.

soffit repair
Damaged soffit and fascia repair in Brampton

Fast, reliable and professional services in local neighborhoods of Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Milton.

Give as a call @ 416-677-8191 or submit request online and we will be happy to assist you with free estimate or advice about your aluminum soffit and fascia, eavestrough and downspout – repair or installation, maintenance and service.

We can offer exact aluminum color match, various  soffit profiles, custom bent fascia boards, 5 inch seamless eavestrough / gutters and many downspout sizes, gutter guard (leaf guard) solutions to satisfy your needs.

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Fascia and soffit, gutters or eavestrough, downspouts - repair and installation in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton and Oakville
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Fall is around the Corner……

 “It’s important for people to know that Fall maintenance will not only make their homes more energy efficient during the winter months, but will safeguard their homes against potential seasonal ‘disasters’ such as leaking roofs or home fires due to neglected chimneys,” says Dan Steward, Pillar To Post president. 

  1. Check the heating system. Check the filter, pilot light and burners in a system fueled by gas or oil. Fireplaces, boilers, water heaters, space heaters and wood burning stoves should also be serviced every year.
  2. Clean ducts in the heating system. Clean and vacuum dust from vents, baseboard heaters and cold air returns. Dust build-up in ducts is a major cause of indoor pollutants. In a home that is shut tight for the winter, dust increases the possibility of illness. Ducts should be professionally cleaned about every three years.
  3. Test fire and smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors. Often alarms and detectors go unattended. Batteries should be checked every six months to ensure that they’re working.
  4. Remove excess leaves and damaged branches surrounding the house. Now that leaves have fallen off of trees, it’s a good time to remove any dead branches. Dead branches have the potential to break and fall, ruining roofs or decks.
  5. Maintain gutters. Remove all debris that can slow or impede the ability of the water to drain effectively from the roof. Trapped water can freeze then thaw, an action which could be destructive not only to the gutters themselves but to the adjoining roof as well.
  6. Inspect the roof. Look for damaged or loose shingles, gaps in the flashing at joints with siding, vents and flues, as well as damaged mortar around the chimney. Proactive maintenance can prevent emergencies and expensive repairs.
  7. Inspect exterior walls and window sills. Check walls and window sills for damage such as cracks, gaps, loose or crumbling mortar, along with splitting and decaying wood. Wood trim and siding can suffer from deterioration or loose paint. Caulk exterior joints around windows and doors, which helps keep the home weather tight and helps to lower heating bills .
  8. Maintain steps and handrails. Repair broken steps and secure loose banisters. Broken steps are easily hidden beneath snow, which could cause a dangerous fall. Similarly, a person slipping on ice will grab a handrail for support.
  9. Prepare storm windows for installation. Check all weather stripping and all fasteners. Well-maintained and properly fitted storm windows will help to save on energy costs during the winter months.
  10. Pools, sprinkler systems and outside faucets should be shut down. Homeowners can shut down outside faucets, while the other tasks are best performed by industry professionals to prevent cracked pipes and pool bottoms. 

 Planning ahead in order to complete these Ten Maintenance Tips is important for many reasons. If these maintenance tips are done over the next few weeks, people can then sit back and enjoy the winter, the holidays, lower energy bills and their own peace of mind.

Downspout Maintenance

More on Downspout Maintenance

 Downspouts are the vertical lengths of piping attached to the sides of a home. They connect to the gutters that run vertically along the roof so that runoff water can be carried off the roof and safely away from the home, preventing damage to the structure and surrounding foundation. Downspouts are sized according to the quantity and velocity of runoff water needed to be eliminated from the home, and are generally constructed out of a material such as metal or vinyl, but can also be constructed out of wood.


When performing routine maintenance on downspouts, the following should be considered:

    • All trapped debris should be removed from the downspout, using a plumber’s snake or garden hose that has been modified to spray water at a higher pressure. When cleaning, avoid being too rough, as the downspouts could pull away from the gutters or walls. Periodic cleaning, particularly during the fall, is highly recommended since most debris consists of leaves, twigs, and other organic matter which will break down into earth. This earth, then, becomes firmly compact and much more difficult to remove then loose leaves and twigs. To reduce the amount of debris that collects in gutters and downspouts, mesh coverings or leaf guards can be installed over the gutters and downspout outlets. However, it is important that installing these coverings do not result in other problems, such as reducing the amount of water they must accommodate or trapping vermin in the drainage system. It is recommended homeowners explore the several types of guards on the market today, and that they shop around for the guard best suited for their home.


  • Downspouts should be connected securely to the gutters. If screws or pop rivets are used to connect a downspout outlet to a gutter, make sure these are tightened and silicone sealant forms a waterproof seal. If a gutter drop outlet is used, ensure it is also connected to the gutter with a waterproof seal.



  • Check the fascia boards, whether they are flat or angled. Fascia boards run along the roof eaves as an edge and hide the rafters for aesthetic purposes. Since gutters and downspouts are normally attached to these boards, it is important that they are not damaged to provide a strong base for the attached drainage system.



  • Sections of downspout piping must be connected securely to each other. The tapered ends of piping fit inside the non-tapered ends, and are fastened together with screws. Tighten these screws if necessary, or add more. Make sure that the screws which are used do not protrude too much into the downspout, as this will catch falling debris and result in clogs. Anchor straps attaching the downspouts to the wall should be secure, one placed ideally every six feet.



  • Rust and damaged downspouts should be replaced or fixed.



  • Elbows should be angled properly to maintain efficient dispersal of runoff water.



  • Once runoff water reaches the end of a downspout, it should be directed well away from the property by a splash block, underground drainage system, or connecting downspout extender. Common in North America, splash blocks and downspout extenders are inexpensive but effective ways to eliminate runoff water.


Following this checklist during routine maintenance will ensure proper drainage of runoff water from your home. Please see the page Gutter Downspout Extender Maintenance for more information.